Shop fitting is crucial to a store’s success

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Award-winning pet store Tails ‘n’ Whiskers was helped on its way thanks to some fantastic shop fitting from us. Recently I had the opportunity to explain how a store’s layout and appearance can make a huge difference between success and failure to Pet Trade Extra.


When a retailer approaches you about fitting out a shop how do approach the task?
Ask them if they have a plan or design in mind or certain idea they want to follow then arrange to meet them on site to look at the premises.

Do you try to tailor the fitting to a client’s needs?
Yes of course, but more importantly, tailor them to the shape and size of the premises.

How much input do you have in the design?
I am not an interior designer, but trained as a retail planner. I try to fit in the maximum amount of fixtures and fittings possible and try to use every area possible for retailing.

Do you suggest ideas for how a shop should be laid out?
Yes, I always make suggestions but take in what they are trying to achieve.

How important is the layout of a shop?
It is very important as the shop needs to work and customers should have a good shopping experience and not be challenged with looking for the goods or seeking directions. A badly laid out shops puts off customers.

How did you help Tails ‘n’ Whiskers?
By implementing all of the above and having a good relationship with the client.

Tony Sharpe, owner of Tails ‘n’ Whiskers, explains how important it was to employ the services of Hertford Shelving.

“Steve has refitted our Stamford shop bit by bit over the years, so was a natural choice when we found our premises in Oakham,” said Tony.

“He came with his fitters early on the Sunday morning, and didn’t leave until the job was done. (around 9pm the same evening).

“Apart from being a really nice bloke, he worked so hard for us to get the job done, so we could receive our deliveries first thing on Monday mornin.

“We would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting their shop refitting.”



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